Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Elliott as Lady Gaga - Halloween 2009

I dressed as Lady Gaga for Halloween back in the 8th grade and went to school this way. My principal (Bancroft Middle School in Hollywood) said I was the "bravest kid in the school." It was a long day in the platform boots but it was worth it! We got up early that Friday morning and my mom helped me get into made-up and dressed. My dad drove me to the school bus and we enjoyed the reaction of some of the parents waiting there (one didn't even know who Lady Gaga was!).

That Sunday was the annual West Hollywood Halloween parade and I wanted to go (my first) so my dad dressed as Lady Gaga's bodyguard and off we went. Lady Gaga has had many "looks" since 2009 but this one I was in love with.

It was a long evening but it was very exciting to meet so many people and other fans. After my dad put together the video we got lots of amazing comments and some blogs posted about it.

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