Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just Be Yourself, by Elliott Sitz

Stop denying your emotions.
Get out the closet and your shell.
Are you the definition of lies,
Or just living in a personal hell?

It takes a lot of sacrifices, integrity,
And courage to be true,
Not just to Yourself but in
The actions you decide to do.

Don’t be intimidated or ashamed of
What you want to be.
Find the key to your identity
And let yourself be purely free.

There’s nothing sick, or broken, or taboo
About me being gay.
As Singer Lady Gaga says,

I think individuals scared of differences
haven’t come to the sense of who they are.
To think of how to be normal and bully people
won’t get you very far.

Don’t use the word normal
If you hang around me.
Just be yourself and
I guarantee, you will live happily.

If someone says, “You’re weird!”
You’re doing something right.
You are bright and upright, too, Despite
It’s not worth a fight.

You can’t make yourself big
By making someone else small.
In this Brawl, the bigger you are
The harder you fall.

A boy can act like a girl
And a girl can act like a boy.
Who cares?
Whatever you enjoy!

Don’t worry if anyone calls you
A derogatory name.
Don’t give it another thought.
You’re not to blame – they’re being lame.
They will always lose to their idiotic game.

They’re all the same. You won’t be tamed.
You’re on the road to fame!

Use you cranium,
Don’t pick on anyone.
Face Reality and study the fact that
There are other ways to have fun
Than trying to stun us with hate
That is too, too overdone.

If you pick on someone
It will sink your reputation.
Your Radiation of hate is a continuation
Of someone’s Termination.
Just stop and take a small Vacation.

Remember you are who you are
No one can take that away from you.
It’s not always easy but
Sooner or later you’ll see it through.

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